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SME SUPPORT JAPAN (SSJ) will co-host with the Embassy of Canada the online seminar for
SMEs interested in expanding into Canada, doing business with Canadian companies, and the Canadian aircraft industry.

Outline of the Online Seminar
Name: Now is the time to know!
Possibilities for Cooperation with Canada in the Post-Corona Era
~Exploring Canada's Attractions and New Business Opportunities
Organizer: SSJ / Co-organizer: Embassy of Canada in Japan
Date & Time: Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Venue: Online (using Zoom) URL will be provided the day before the event.
(1) The Latest Situation and Appeal of Canada
Lecturer: Mr. Kosuke Abe (Senior Advisor for Japan, Invest in Canada)
Description: The latest situation of Canadian industry as a whole, and
The latest situation of the Canadian industry as a whole, the attractiveness of Canada as an investment target and promising industries, etc.
(2) The Aircraft Industry in Canada Today
Speaker: Mr. Jean-Marc Rochon (Aerospace Coordinator, Ministry of Economic Innovation, Government of Quebec)
Mr. Jean-Marc Rochon (Aerospace Coordinator, Ministry of Economic Innovation, Quebec)
The aerospace industry in Quebec Now, which has an aerospace cluster, and its attractiveness as an investment target, etc.
(3) Active Canadian Companies in the Aircraft Industry
Speaker: Canadian companies; Alphacasting, AV&R, etc.
Content: The latest situation of each company, changes in the Corona disaster, new expectations for Japanese companies, etc.
(4)Q & A Session
Speaker: Speakers from each section
Contents: The lecturers will answer your questions.
Application deadline: 4:00 p.m., Monday, January 25, 2021
Participation Fee: Free of charge (PCs and other equipment and communications will be paid for by each company)
Language: Japanese, English (simultaneous interpretation will be provided so participants can choose between Japanese and English)
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How to apply:

Please apply from the following website of SSJ.
For more information, please contact
CEO Business Meeting for Advanced Industries / Canada Online Seminar Office
Contact: Ichikawa, Ito, Ueo
Tel: 03-6407-9876

<Overseas CEO Business Meeting Project (CEO Network Enhancing Project)

Since fiscal 2012, the SSJ has been conducting a matching program between CEOs of overseas companies who wish to collaborate with Japanese companies and Japanese SMEs who aim to expand their business overseas. The most distinctive feature of this program is that it allows managers to directly discuss business with each other, and with interpreters in place, it provides an opportunity to meet reliable local overseas partner companies* while remaining in Japan.
 Only companies recommended by overseas local public support organizations, etc. are allowed to participate.