We offer a full range of solutions of aerospace industry supported by our global network.


Coordination business

Each of us has our own specialties.
We will find a partner for you.

We understand all business related to aircraft (business strategy planning, manufacturing, inspection and maintenance, operation, repair and refurbishment, equipment sales, design, testing, certification, and various tests).
We have a network of several hundreds companies in Japan and overseas that we can match with. In addition, we have a network of key people in embassies, governmental organizations, manufacturing, sales, repair, maintenance, and consulting companies in Japan and overseas, and can provide support with speed and care.
Support for import/export and sales of jigs and tools, related equipment, and other products required for aircraft operation, repair, and maintenance

Consulting Business

Discovering new things.

The future starts from there.Our experts, who have a proven track record in aircraft-related businesses (design and development, manufacturing, certification testing, registration, sales, customer service, inspection and maintenance, repair and modification, flight operation, operation, etc.), will provide you with hands-on support. We can also help you plan and support projects to develop domestic and international sales channels. The experts who provide support are all people who have actually been involved in the project themselves.

Training Course Support Program

To share wisdom.
Discovering the way and the method.

In parallel with our individual consulting business, we offer seminars for people engaged in various fields, with content suited to them. In the prevention of coronavirus infection, it is possible to take the course at home in a casual setting.

Aircraft related equipment sales business

Selection of the latest equipment from Japan and overseas.
Import and export through our world network.

We support import and export sales of aviation-related equipment manufactured by domestic and foreign companies.
We support the import/export sales of equipment and supplies required for aircraft (fixed-wing, helicopter, unmanned aircraft, etc.) operation, inspection and maintenance, and repair work.


International Aerospace Exhibition Support Program

Going out into the world.
This is why we understand the differences in culture and customs.

Over the past 30 years, I have visited and surveyed more than 50 international aerospace exhibitions around the world. We have a network with the secretariats of each exhibition (air show), and provide support for exhibiting organizations and companies from Japan.

Information dissemination support project

Sending out What a single company cannot do as a group.

Information transmission using the Internet has brought the world to a single point.
We offer proposals and support in terms of both equipment and software.
We also propose the design and production of English brochures and other materials.

Factory Tour Support Business

Let's take a local, hands-on approach!
to provide our customers with what they need, when they need it!

An aircraft is made up of about 3 million parts, and is completed by the combination of thousands of components. On the other hand, in an environment where military aircraft were being developed in competition with each other, many technologies were developed, and these technologies were transferred to civilian aircraft. Today, however, the opposite is true, and attention is focused on how to incorporate the world's consumer products into aircraft (e.g., washlets, rice cookers, in-flight entertainment, etc.). Aircraft designers do not know all the parts and components. Suppliers, on the other hand, cannot imagine where our products can be used in aircraft manufacturing.
The solution to this problem is to buy, disassemble, and try out the products yourself, as is the case with home appliances and automobiles, but this is not possible due to the high cost of aircraft. What we need to do is to learn by watching. Aero Coach offers factory tours to a wide range of companies in Japan and overseas, including those related to organizations that formulate corporate support measures and supplier companies.
If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with a customized plan.

Online Consultancy

Zeroing in on time and distance.
This is truly the benefit of networking.

Online communication such as Zoom has made distance and time a thing of the past.
The speed with which we can do what we need to do when we need to do it has revolutionized the world.
It is truly a weapon that is not afraid of the corona disaster that the world is currently facing.

Providing Meeting space

Ideal for small-scale meetings.
Good accessibility from the station is also an asset.

It can also be used for meetings of several companies or as a place to showcase new products.
The advantage of accessibility is irreplaceable.