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Companies, Cluster Networks, etc.

This page introduces companies and cluster networks in each prefecture related to the aerospace industry.
The names of companies are introduced by prefecture, and links to their websites are provided.

 There are 3 million parts used in aircraft, and the scale of the Japanese industry is 2 trillion yen, including space, rockets, and defense-related parts, but the government has set a policy to expand the scale to 3 trillion yen by 2030. What is now required in small and medium-sized companies is the ability and endurance to receive orders as a package rather than outsourcing processing, as well as automation and artificial intelligence technologies that can solve the global issues of efficiency and human resource shortages.
 Here, we will focus on one-of-a-kind companies that satisfy global standards, companies with a track record of doing business with major overseas companies, and start-up companies that are trying to adapt new technologies to the aviation industry.

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The National Network of Aircraft Manufacturing Clusters

We are in the process of coordinating with each local government and will post companies that have been confirmed.
If the link has not been made, it is "under coordination".
We will post those companies that have been completed the coordination and confirmed.

Aomori   Iwate   Miyagi A  kita   Yamagata  Fukushima
Ibaraki   Tochigi   Gunma   Saitama   Chiba   Tokyo   Kanagawa
Niigata   Toyama   Ishikawa   Fukui   Yamanashi   Nagano   Gifu   Shizuoka
Aichi   Mie   Shiga   Kyoto   Osaka   Hyogo   Nara Wakayama Prefecture
Tottori   Shimane   Okayama   Hiroshima   Yamaguchi
Tokushima   Kagawa   Ehime   Kochi 
Fukuoka   Saga   Nagasaki   Kumamoto   Oita   Miyazaki   Kagoshima